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Types of Fire Damage

Smoke Damage Repair

Have you and your family experienced a destructive fire in your home? If so, then by this point you have discovered that there is more to be concerned about than just the damage caused by the flames. Besides the entry damage caused by firemen, and the accompanying water damage from hoses, you must consider the amount of smoke damage that your property has incurred, as well. Let a Scene Care specialists take on some of the burden of getting life returned to normal.

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5 Secrets to Handling Smoke Damage Repair

Anyone who has lived through a devastating house fire understands the extent that different types of damage can leave behind. Once firemen enter a burning home they must quickly find the sources of the blaze, which can sometimes require the destruction of internal and external walls. Once the fire is located it doesn’t take much imagination to picture the type of damage that comes next as water is pumped into the home through a number of 3” fire hoses forcing water over the inferno at 400 psi. Depending on the size of the fire this could mean thousands of gallons of water being dumped over everything in the home. Aside from the destruction caused directly by the firemen, the fire and heat itself, and the subsequent gallons of water required to extinguish it, there is also the issue of smoke damage which will have to be dealt with to begin returning life to normal.


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The Two Types of Fire Damage

Insurance companies often will split the types of damage caused by fire into two separate categories, Primary and Secondary damages. Primary damage is considered to be damage caused to the contents and structure as a direct result of fire, and heat, while smoke and water damage, along with destruction brought on by corrosive materials created by the fire, are considered Secondary casualties.

Smoke Damage Repair
After the fire, water and soot damage has been addressed, and any affected walls replaced, the last step in returning a house to its former glory is the difficult task of removing the dank, musky smell leftover from smoke damage that inevitably occurs during a fire.

Let’s take a look at several important factors that we consider before tackling the tough job of smoke damage remediation.

Smoke Damage Restoration

  1. Most homeowners fail to realize that smoke damage can occur in several forms, each requiring its very own specific steps and procedures to correct.
  • Wet Smoke is described as occurring during a low heat slow burning fire. It creates a viscous film and emits a heavy smoke smell.
  • Dry Smoke happens when intense fire causes high temperatures, and manifests itself as a dusty, powdery like substance which can easily be wiped away from solid surfaces, but requires a bit more effort to remove from porous materials where it can linger, and emit odors.
  • Protein Smoke is discovered when organic materials are consumed by flame, and is easier felt than it is seen. The resultant damage includes discoloration of wood surfaces and strong odor.
  • Petroleum Smoke is the result of burning oil, or petroleum-based products and has a tendency to stain everything it touches a dark coloration.
  1. When it comes to the tough job of cleaning up the smoke damage, different methods are also required for each type of fire that has occurred for proper restoration. It is recommended that a professional service; SceneCare be hired to assess and restore damaged property and structures, and some insurance companies may even require it. The professionals at SceneCare will be able to more accurately determine which type of smoke damage has occurred and how to successfully clean, and salvage possessions.
  • High Oxygen Fires require dry sponges, and low alkali cleaning products before being rinsed away.
  • Low Oxygen Fires require high alkaline detergents in a warm water wash. Keep in mind that any remaining alkaline may cause trouble when it comes time to paint, so make sure a thorough rinse is applied.
  • Kitchen Fires are unique in that a deep cleaning cycle must be performed in order to wash away all the remnants from cabinets, drawers, and containers that fortunately can be removed to access unseen cracks and crevices.
  1. Even though a professional is recommended, it is possible for the do-it-yourselfer to properly restore their home by following a few simple cleaning techniques. Be sure to wear thick rubber gloves, and cover all exposed area of skin. Immediately wash any exposed areas that may have come into contact with soap and cleaning agents.We will ensure that the area we are working in is well ventilated, and proper measures have been taken to completely dry the area before cleaning. Scented cleaning products should be avoided, as we run the risk of merely masking odors that may resurface later. A tight fitting ventilation mask is also a good idea to avoid breathing in potentially hazardous dust and debris if you are in the house when we are working.
  1. Be sure to follow cleaning instructions located on labels, and research proper techniques for restoring damage to curtains, upholstery, bedding, and carpets.Porous surfaces will likely be more difficult to clean, and dry chemical sponges are recommended to help avoid permanent stains. On less porous areas such as countertops, appliances, and glass, sponges, mops, and towels may be employed with a little detergent to clean away smoke and soot.
  1. Finally, it is extremely important that safety guidelines be adhered to during smoke damage restoration. Never use any electrical products that you think may have “survived” the fire. Unseen damage may result in further injury. Light and electrical switches, along with ceiling, and ventilation fans should be thoroughly dried and inspected for safety before being used.Do not hesitate to seek the aid of a professional at SceneCare should the task prove too daunting, as we are specifically trained and equipped to handle any situation that may arise.

With the proper knowledge, a little patience, and an abundance of elbow grease, it is possible to return a home devastated by fire and smoke to like new condition.

Although the devastating effects of a home fire may linger for years to come, returning a home to its former beauty is the first step in getting your life back to normal.

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