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Mold Remediation

Mold Remediation

A mold infestation is an unsightly, and potentially health-damaging mess that leaves many people scared to live in their own homes. Our Scene Care specialists know exactly what to do and how to handle mold, and mold remediation. We will arrive quickly, and have your home returned to a fungus free environment in no time.

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  • Fully trained and equipped with state of the art mold remediation technology.

Call us today, and we will have a qualified specialist out to your home in no time. Once our technicians arrive your mold issues will be resolved before you know it, and you will once again be able to breath easy.

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Mold Remediation

Mold on food wouldn’t get consumed. Mold can grow on a lot of different things. You need to know that your home can also contract this issue, especially if there’s a flood or even an issue that you don’t see. For instance, a dripping pipe behind a wall could end up causing problems that you will have to clean up. If left alone, water damage could create problems. However, this is not something that is likened to what you may see on a sandwich that is left out too long. Instead, you have to realize that the problem that is created within the home could in fact be deadly.


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The Problem With Mold

Mold remediationBefore you can start working with the best mold remediation solutions, you need to have removed all the water or repaired the source of the water that has caused the mold. This type of mold is created by humidity, moisture, and damage to interiors. When this grows, the proteins cause spores to get airborne. When these are airborne, you will be breathing in these spores and can cause irreversible health issues. For instance, you could end up dealing with asthma, coughing, and left without any sort of assistance, you could die. Health problems associated with this seemingly simple problem, can cause health issues from children to adults. It’s for that reason that you should know what to do to get this removed.

Finding The Source Of The Problem

First and foremost, you will need to look into the issue. You need to know that you have a problem in place. This is sometimes difficult to find, since a lot of the mold that you will have in place comes from areas that you can’t see. For instance, a dripping roof could cause this to grow over time. Significant issues can pose no major visual sign for you to see. After inspection, however, you’ll find that the spores could be hidden and require removal. There are times when you can get a visual look and feel, for instance, water damage on drywall, in basements, and on ceilings can in fact be the signal that you have a bigger problem. Identifying the issue is absolutely the first step to finding good remediation.

Cleaning Methods To Consider

The biggest option that you’re going to find is simple, clearing mold through the use of biocide. There are several chemicals that kill spores, and cause proteins to get completely eradicated. You cannot just take out drywall and elements that are associated with water damage and more. This is not recommended for you to do in the “DIY” sense. You absolutely need to get a helping hand You need to hire a radiation specialist.

Scene Care Professionals – Hiring someone that has full mold remediation certification is the key. They will come into your home or business and be completely covered up. This includes mask, face respirator, and full protective clothing. These are part of coveralls that protect workers from coming in contact with mold spores, as they can cause serious health issues.

Dry Ice – Aside from HVAC options, you’ll find that some options include dry ice blasting options. This is a way to remove the spores from harder surfaces like cement. This is a particularly aggressive option that can then end up being vacuumed up after the fact.

HEPA Vacuum – As far as mold remediation, a HEPA vacuum is utilized to clear out all debris, dust, and other particles that may be left behind.

Once these things are done, a professional will take the debris and throw it out through specialized waste properties. The above mold remediation are to be managed with professional care. Without finding the initial problem, and clearing up the spores, and various issues, you’ll end up with a bigger problem. There’s no way to get rid of mold in an “easy” manner with DIY methods. After the cleaning up and removal of the spores, the best practice is to have the air cleaned in the affected area. Only a professional air purification system will suffice.

Prevention Goes A Long Way

One of the things that you have to realize about mold is that it can be prevented. You can clean, and repair your home to ensure that mold spores don’t necessarily start. Some of the simplest ways to ensure protection is to ensure that you keep track of indoor humidity. Furthermore, make sure that you clean out all air conditioning units, vents, replace filters, and get inspections done every now and again. Inspections should also be done for chimneys, fireplace openings, basements, plumbing, roofing, gutters and downspouts. These are important elements that you need to consider overall.

At the end of the day, you’ll find that mold remediation should be left to professionals. There are several levels of protection that are required for workers to get rid of mold issues. If there’s extensive contamination, clearing out the issue is treated much like hazardous waste.

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