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Hoarder Cleanup

Hoarder Cleanup

Has your home gotten away from you? It has happened to all of us at one time or another. We understand because we have been where you’re at right now. In order to begin feeling safe and healthy again, you are taking a big step in your life and we want to congratulate you on your courage.

Our specialty cleaning crews have gone through extensive sensitivity training and are certified to handle complicated site cleanups. In many cases our female cleaners organize, label and carefully store collectibles and in some cases setup donations to your favorite charities. With years of experience and thousands of completed jobs, our highly trained crews quickly have handled jobs of all sizes.

Our Skilled and Professional Clean up Teams are:

  • Highly trained and certified specialists; both men and women
  • Fully equipped with specialty tools and cleaning products
  • Use unmarked vehicles and uniforms
  • We purify every cubic foot of air in your home before we leave
  • We will solve this problem for you, quickly and professionally in a stress free and efficient manner.

Let our experienced team quietly enter and restore your home to its original condition. We will discretely remove any and all remaining refuse and get you back to a safe living environment.


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Whether you are seeking help for yourself, a family member or a loved one, the best possible first step towards recovery is by educating yourself about this crippling, yet treatable disorder. Armed with the information contained within this booklet you will be much better equipped to understand, evaluate, and assist qualified professionals in treating a condition that has silently destroyed so many lives for so long.

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After Care Program

Our After Care Program

Once the cleaning and organizing is finished, we also help with daily reminders and interactive tasks in order to keep the living areas clean and safe.

Hoarder Cleanup

Cleaning up in a hoarding or untidy environment is a situation that requires specific talents and sensitivity that our company has a unique way of dealing with it. If you or someone you love is living in a hoarding or untidy space or maybe your collecting has gotten out of hand, dealing with it can sometimes be hard. All the items in the house are going to have to be dealt with, cleaned up, and possibly thrown out or stored. Being a hoarder is not easy, but cleaning up in a hoarding environment does not need to be as hard as you might imagine. Our cleaning service comes in and removes all the junk from a cluttered house before restoring it to its pre-cluttered condition. Cleaning an untidy or unsafe home involves finding where the problem areas are and cleaning them to make them usable again. A home filled with clutter needs to be dealt with properly and our service is here to make this as stress free as possible.

We can help you with your clutter and help return your home to a much more livable space which will undoubtedly make your life easier. You will be able to breathe easier when your home is cleaned and you don’t have to worry about it. It is time to refocus your life and decluttering is the best way to do that. We will take care of everything even purifying the air in your living space. If you are feeling down and stressed on a daily basis, please don’t be. You are taking a courageous step by hiring our cleaning service and now you will be able to get your life back in order. Call our service and you will be amazed at how much it helps. Congratulations! You should be very proud of yourself. We know how hard it can be.


Scene Care hoarding cleanup up before.


Scene Care hoarding cleanup after.
Scene Care helps the hoarder clean and organize.


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Hoarder Cleanup Procedures

No other cleaning company can even come close to our process of cleaning a hoarder or untidy environment. We have worked to perfect the most efficient and effective process for our customers.

First, we will look at the situation as a whole and determine which parts need immediate attention and which parts could potentially wait a little while. We then create our plan of attack to make it as quick as possible. If there is anything you want to save, we will give you an iPad or camera and you can take pictures of all those collectible items and we will label and store them as we move through your home. Once those are identified, we do not stop until everything is spotless. Our policy is to complete every project as quickly as possible while doing the best job. While we work as hard as we can to maintain our efficiency and drive to do a good job, we pride ourselves on being caring and compassionate to families and individuals going through such a difficult time.

Our number one priority is you! Cleaning up your property and decontamination is a large part of that, but unless you are comfortable, we aren’t doing our job. If the house is not decontaminated, bacteria can grow and cause major issues. They can also cause persons who live near or around the area to become sick and on occasion, the illness can be quite serious. We make sure to decontaminate every job to prevent this problem. Our hoarder cleanup company is very discreet and your privacy is a big part of our job. It is no one’s business why you hired us to come in, and in the end, you are the only one who needs to know why we were there.

Joe and his men helped us out of a bad situation. We had limited time to pack for my mother’s to move from Toledo, Ohio to South Carolina and even though she’d been telling me she’d been cleaning out her house, she hadn’t. It was a borderline extreme hoarding situation and, after arriving to start packing, my wife and I discovered there was no way that she and I alone could empty her house in two days. We were overwhelmed to say the least

I found Joe and Scene Care online and Joe arranged his crew to be at the house the next morning and they cleared out everything we that needed gone. Everyone was helpful. The crew, was very conscientious not to upset Mom as her world was emptying around her.  Now, she is living very minimally down the street from us in South Carolina. We were very thankful we found Scene Care.

Brian W.

Hoarder Cleaning Experts

Our hoarder clean up company has years of experience and thousands of jobs under our belt meaning we know exactly what a hoarder job requires. We are the experts in hoarder cleanup and have helped thousands with their hoarder cleanup. Dealing with a relative or someone close to you being a hoarder is stressful enough, so leave the cleaning process to us. We will restore the property to what it was before hoarding and make it livable again. Though these times are often stressful, let experts clean up the mess.

Hoarding areas are often riddled with bacterium and occasionally rodents or other small animals, and cleaning it up only adds to that stress. As we have said, there is no job too big for our hoarder cleanup experts regardless of the size or mess. Having the property back to what it was like before hoarding will make you feel better and allow you to move on so don’t hesitate to call our hoarder cleanup experts and get the job done quickly and correctly.

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You can call Scene Care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for any type of cleanup whether a crime scene, a suicide or cleaning up after a hoarder.

Hoarder Cleanup Procedures

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