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Hoarding Healing Book

Get our exclusive eBook with advice for dealing with hoarding.

Whether you are seeking help for yourself, a family member or a loved one, the best possible first step towards recovery is by educating yourself about this crippling, yet treatable disorder. Armed with the information contained within this booklet you will be much better equipped to understand, evaluate, and assist qualified professionals in treating a condition that has silently destroyed so many lives for so long.

Book contents:

  • 15 million Hoarders: You Are Not Alone
  • Hoarding Defined
  • Common Characteristics of Hoarders
  • Portrait of a Hoarder
  • The Hoarder Mentality
  • How Does Someone Become a Hoarder?
  • The 7 Different Types of Hoarder
  • Identifying a Hoarder Home
  • The Dangers of Hoarding
  • The 5 Levels of Hoarding
  • Hoarding Triggers
  • What Skills Do I Need To Help a Hoarder?
  • How Do I Approach a Hoarder With Help?
  • Confronting a Hoarders Resistance to Change
  • The Two Toughest Hoarder Types
  • 6 Steps to Ending Hoarder Behavior.

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