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Water, Mold and Smoke Damage

Fire Damage Restoration

The devastating aftermath of a fire can leave you feeling vulnerable and alone. We here at Scene Care understand the importance of getting your life back together quickly after a damaging fire has torn through your home. Let our qualified staff help you during this difficult period by taking over the fire damage remediation.

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We take pride in providing the safest, fastest, and most reliable fire remediation services in the area. Call us today and let our knowledgeable staff help you return your fire damaged home to it former glory.

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Water, Mold and Smoke Damage

It may surprise you to find out that there were nearly 1,298,000 fires reported in America last year. Of those, approximately 494,000 were structures fires, which caused an estimated $9.8 billion worth of damage. That’s one structure fire being reported every 64 seconds!

Furthermore, every 85 seconds a report is made regarding a residential home fire.

The primary cause of the most obvious damage to a home that has suffered a fire-induced catastrophe is likely to be the fire itself. Fire can scorch the electrical system, walls, ceilings, and floors, all of which can all be rendered to ashes; even basements and roofs are subjected to intense heat, which causes damage even if the fire does not actually ignite them.


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Biohazards After A Fire

Fire, however, is not the only culprit when it comes to assessing fire damage. Water, smoke, mold, soot, and emergency entries are all secondary damages that demand careful consideration when it comes to assessing the full devastation left in the wake of a house fire.

Once the fire is out the homeowner is now faced with the daunting task of sifting through the wreckage to determine what, if anything, can be salvaged. It is a difficult job, as emotions will already likely be very high, as will stress levels.

Here at Scene Care, we take our time to find everything salvageable after the premises has been turned back to your control.  We know how important just one photo or keepsake might be after the devastation of a house fire.

Fire Damage RestorationFire damage and restoration is a very specific niche, and requires precise knowledge, and experience to be able to properly identify all aspects of the damage, and determine what it will take to get a home back into livable condition. Our professional opinion and estimate also goes a long way when it comes to the filing of insurance claims for reimbursement of lost personal possessions.

After a fire has occurred there will be several factors that must be addressed immediately. Aside from contacting a fire damage assessment specialist, you must also contact your insurance provider as soon as possible.  We have three full time fire damage experts on staff and can be anywhere in the country within 12 to 24 hours.

The responsibilities of these two entities are to assess the costs of the fire damage, and restoration by estimating the amount of damage caused by the fire, as well as smoke, water and other factors.

So, what should you expect once our team arrives?

The first thing they will need to do is have all of the items affected by the fire removed from the home. An attempt will be made to handle any water damage, and to eliminate odors. If the item can be restored to like-new condition it will be returned to the homeowner. If not, it will need to be properly disposed, and the value added to the insurance claim.

Water Can Turn Property In To A Biohazard After A Fire

When assessing personal property it is important to not overlook items such as dishes and utensils, clothing, electronics, jewelry, and even artwork. Soot, smoke, and ash, along with the burned material and water all combine to turn personal property into a legitimate biohazard, and are capable of causing a laundry list of poor health issues.

This is another reason why no one should ever attempt to tackle the restoration of their home after a fire by themselves. The lack of knowledge and experience cannot only, potentially lead to further damage of property, but may even result in serious medical conditions.

When it comes to the structure itself there are quite a few aspects of renovation that will need to be taken of before the house once again becomes a home.

In all likelihood the carpets, padding and other floor coverings will all need to be removed and replaced. Any charred areas on framing will need to be scraped out and sealed to prevent further odors from lingering.

The house will also need to pass a safety inspection after experiencing a fire, so it is vital that every action that can be done to bring the building back to livable condition is performed adequately.

This includes the final steps of the restoration process, which requires the cleanup of water, assessing and repairing subsequent water damage, and then a thorough drying process to eliminate odors, and the development of toxic, health threatening molds.

Generally, the last bit of evidence that a fire has occurred will usually be the smell. A professional cleaning team will be capable of tracking down any residual odors that may be seeping back into the home. Usually, the team will locate the source, and neutralize it by either sealing the area, or removing it completely, if possible.

There are endless resources available to help prevent the occurrence of a house fire. Tips and tricks to avoiding fires in the home are the first line of defense against this devastating disaster.

Personal safety is, of course, the most important aspect of fire prevention, and should be taken very seriously. Always have an adequate number of planned escaped routes, and run periodic drills that allow you and your family to become acquainted with what to do should a fire break out.

It is also a good idea to do a periodic fire prevention safety check of every area of your home. Always remember that even though every precaution has been taken, every drill practiced to perfection, and all the tips and tricks in the world have been utilized, they will only serve to lessen the chances of a fire occurring in your home.

Putting life back together after a devastating fire is plenty enough work for anyone to take on. Make sure to delegate the lion’s share to a professional fire damage specialist, whose education and experience will help get your life back to normal in no time.

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Biohazards After A Fire

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