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AfterCare Program

We at Scene Care understand the challenges that arise when trying to keep a home clean after we have removed all the items that produced an unsafe living space. In that regard, we have created an “After Care Program” that communicates every day with the person whose home we have just worked in. It’s interactive because we message them every day by cell phone or email or both. After sending them a gentle nudge or suggestion of what small task they can do today to keep from reverting back to their old ways, we ask for a picture at the end of the day so that they have a feeling that someone is not only watching but here to help.

We never criticize or demean the client, but we do continue to send messages every day in order to keep them engaged in not only their health, but also to help them keep their home clean. If you’d like further information, please contact our office and we’ll be glad to implement this program once the cleaning job is finished.

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